About Us

We are a true community orchestra, so we aim never to turn anyone away, or to have limits on the number of instruments in any section.  While string players are always welcome, we are particularly keen at the moment to recruit players of double bass and trombone.

We do not require any particular grades, just a reasonable knowledge of the instrument and a willingness to join in and make music with others.

All the usual orchestral instruments are represented, as well as brass band instruments and saxophones.  (Suitably transposed parts are  provided.)  

We currently have about 80 members, with an average of around 50 – 60 players attending each week.  Most of the pictures on this website were taken at one of our summer rehearsals a few years ago (when the orchestra was smaller).  There are more pictures on our Facebook page.

Giving concerts is not our primary purpose, though we do aim to give our members concert experience when possible, and are always ready to support a local charity when we can, including putting together small groups for special events.  We make no charge for the latter, but do invite a donation to the charity for which we are currently collecting.