Rehearsals are held weekly on Monday evenings at St Nicholas Church, Corfe Mullen, BH21 3LE. View Google Map. We start playing at 7.30 pm and currently finish at 9 pm (a change introduced due to Covid restrictions). We may go back to a 9.30pm finish at some point.

We take a couple of weeks break at Christmas and Easter, but otherwise – apart from certain bank holidays – continue to play throughout the year.

For 4 weeks in July/August we continue to meet and play, but not rehearsing for any concert. Non-members are welcome to join us. Music will be provided.

Our repertoire is best described as ‘eclectic’. We play a variety of ‘classical’ and modern pieces, typically including an overture, or a movement from a concerto or symphony; a selection of music from a show or a film; and, various shorter pieces. Most of the music we play is specially adapted to suit our slightly unconventional line-up.  (The current music list can usually be seen on our Facebook page.)

The emphasis is very much on providing our members with an opportunity to play their instruments, rather than on impressive concert programmes, or on getting something ‘just so’. If therefore a piece of music seems to be taking an abnormal amount of time to come together, it will be adapted – or dropped! Nor will we spend a lot of time polishing up a short passage, while those not involved have to just sit and listen.